Frequently asked questions

We bring together two compatible worlds which are the world of profitable real estate investment.

Who Is Homecap?

Homecap is a platform aimed at creating profitable real estate investment projects for any savvy investor.


All investments are based on secured real estate and are fully managed by Homecap and its partners. Each investor holds shares in the company that owns the project, securing their position as an investor. An investment contract is signed between the parties to formalize the investment and ensure the security of all stakeholders.

Who Can Subscribe?

Anyone with the capacity to invest can do so by adhering to Homecap's investment guidelines.

What Is The Minimum Investment Required?

The minimum investment amount is €1,000.

How Will I Receive My Income?

In general, you will receive your returns at the end of the project. However, some projects may offer quarterly remuneration.

Why Trust Homecap?

Homecap partners with professionals such as lawyers, accountants, construction experts, and specialized entities to provide specialized services. The goal is to secure the investor by creating an atmosphere of trust.

Who Is In Charge Of The Proper Functioning Of Each Project?

In partnership with our associate, we are responsible for and the creators of all the completed real estate projects.

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