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Minimum investments start from 1'000€. We want to allow anyone to invest easily and earn passive returns from real estate projects.

Investing in a business has never been easier.


Several varied and profitable projects are available.


The income are very attractive and paid quaterly.

Simple investment

I select my project, I invest and I sign my contract of investment.

Who is Homecap?

We bring together two compatible worlds which are the world of profitable real estate investment and the world of individuals wishing to generate passive income through projects listed on our platform. 

The investor will be able to select the project of his choice and invest safely. Our internal team and our partners (lawyers, accountants, etc.) carefully select the partner projects.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is Homecap?

We have developed an online platform to finance projects through a safe community of investors. Providing an easy solution for people who dream of investing without difficulty in access a down payment or may have unstable incomes.

As an asset manager (regulated by authorities) we have often had clients with little capital who want to invest in profitable and reliable projects.

Our goal is to provide stable and safe investments such as real estate or gold in order to offer profitable projects and securing the investor’s position.

Any investor who participates in a project holds a share and has their invested capital recorded in the company’s accounts.

As a shareholder you will have quarterly investment reports with photos and videos of the project in progress.

The interest on the investment is paid to the investor every month. You can either choose to reinvest or withdraw to your bank account or your cryptocurrency  wallet previously registered.


Investing with Homecap is very easy. Just go to the “our projects” page, select the product of your choice, make the payment and sign your investment contract electronically.

Who can subscribe?

Everyone can register, expect at this time Residents of Africa, Asia, and South America who are not included due to legal and regulatory restrictions. (We do not have the possibility to include the mentioned regions due to legal and regulatory restrictions).

What is the minimum investment required?

Each project and product will have its own minimum investment. However, the smallest possible investment is € 1’000 at this time.

How will I receive my income?

Each investor can either pay in:
1. If you want to invest in crypto, visit our crypto marketplace

2. In Euros – the incomes will be paid to your bank account. It is important to upload your bank wire transfer information in your account to receive your monthly returns.

Why trust Homecap?

Homecap works with experts, our main focus is to secure & protect investors’ capital while making it grow. We use real estate or gold for hedging against inflation or any economic crisis. We are registered in France and Portugal and your name is registered as an owner of a share of Homecap.

Who is in charge of the proper functioning of each project?

The projects are managed by the founding shareholders, by property managers, by lawyers and divers’ other specialists.


"I am very satisfied with the purchasing process. Simple, fast and efficient. JasonClient Homecap “Homecap is serious and rigorous in paying returns.” StevenClient Homecap “Great project. Very nice & good project. I know the founders personally & they are good people who are also great investors! Great project that I see taking shape day by day, keep it up guys. ” LoïcClient Homecap "Excellent project! A really interesting project, worked with rigour and seriousness, just like its founders who combine inventiveness, listening and reactivity. I know them and I have every confidence in their ability to propose a superb investment! " CustomerClient Homecap “Surprised at the simplicity of the purchasing process. The products sold are top notch. ” NunoClient Homecap For me, as a newcomer to the field... Thanks to their reactivity, I was able to get answers to all my questions... my projects in mind will finally see the light of day! WilsonClient Homecap I particularly appreciated the simplicity in the presentation of the project, clear and enthusiastic; which encourages one to launch out, especially as the diversification of one's assets is essential today in the face of all the instability we are going through! Very good impression for my part! Bravo for your ideas! To be continued ... ClarisseClient Homecap A very promising project! Responsiveness and availability to answer my questions! It is an investment not to be neglected. AnthonyClient Homecap The project is top notch! The rigour of the founders of this project shows us how serious and good it is! I found the project very reassuring and interesting. LionelClient Homecap

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