Our courses

Our courses

Homecap offers coaching sessions to help investors make the right choices. Each coach has his or her own speciality and offers all his or her professional experience to clients. Several topics can be discussed such as:

The objective is to acquire the right communication and entrepreneurial reflexes. You can choose the coach that suits you.

Thanks to these coaching sessions, you will no longer have any doubts about passive investments. Everything will become possible and your investments will be more profitable.

Our Coaching Team


Coach financier et patrimonial – Stratégie fiscale – Gestion d’entreprise

Language: French


Crypto Currency Specialist
Diversification Strategy

Language: English / French


Coach in diversified investments,
Specialising in crypto-currencies

Language: French


Specialist in marketing strategy and automation for short term rental

Language: French


Trading System Specialist

Language: English / French


Mental Coach

Language: English / French

Videos section

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