Madilon Hôtel
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Participate in the construction and development of a tourist complex **** in Martinique at 300 meters from the beach.

Project presentation:

Location: Vauclin - Martinique.
Project: Construction of a house in a 4 star resort.
Minimum investment : 1'000 €.
Number of shares : 2000
Annual return : 13% / year
Type of purchase: Shares in a company backed by real estate.
Investment period: 24 months
Return: Quarterly.

Administration fee: 6% VAT included in the price. The fee is refunded at the end of the placement.


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Project presentation:

The partner company Madilon Resort Hotel is raising funds for the construction and development of a resort**** of 63 properties ranging from T2 to T5 in a resort comprising 63 houses. The properties range in size from 58m² (634 SQ FT) to 198m² (1108SQ FT).

The residence is located 300m from the Petit Macabou beach in the commune of Le Vauclin (972 - Martinique). It includes a central swimming pool, a snack bar, 150m² (1614 SQ FT) of retractable meeting rooms, 2 restaurants, a bakery/pastry shop, a doctor's surgery and a laundry.

The fundraising amounts to €2,000,000, over a period of 24 months. The entry fee is 5% excl. tax and is reimbursed at the end of the investment period.

The Madilon Resort Hotel partner company will not hold any other type of asset other than the underlying real estate assets related to the resort hotel, as well as the cash reserves for maintenance, insurance and other expenses related to the underlying asset and the amounts earned by the company as a result.

The partner company Madilon Resort Hotel subscribes to a Financial Completion Guarantee ensuring the completion of the real estate construction in case of difficulties emanating from the founder. It also subscribes to a Decennial Guarantee which covers the construction for 10 years from the date of acceptance of the property.

At closing and upon receipt of funds, an agent will certify receipt of funds and validate the release of funds. Following the conclusion of the financial agreement, all operating costs will be borne by Madilon Hotel.

This is a 24 month investment commitment for which the investor will receive income each month and will be fully repaid at the end of the 24 months.


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